Interior Painting

Hans Hofmann said, “The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us through the mystic realm of color.” Color psychology plays a very important role in interior paint colors and ideas. Colors give unique moods to the walls, which to an extent determines our attitude towards circumstances. Choosing interior paint colors for your home is also crucial, because painting the interior is not done on a regular basis, but after a gap of many years. Therefore, it is essential that we choose colors we will like for a long time to come. Today, there are professionals who work as interior painters and decorators. Such professionals help you choose the paint, furniture and decorations for your house. But hiring these professionals for interior painting can be expensive. With some good interior painting ideas, you can yourself choose the interior paint colors, and paint your home using interesting designs.of white, blue, yellow and red, can have on your mood and the interesting interior paint color combinations that you can play around with. White: White is very popular and can be used in any room. It is a neutral color and gives a peaceful feeling. White paint works especially well in bathrooms and bedrooms. White reflects maximum light and manages to create an illusion of space to open up a small area. White makes the room look airy and cool. But, it can also be difficult to maintain and might give your room a very hospital like feeling. Colors that make excellent combinations with white, are red and blue. These colors make the room look alive and inviting. Other shades of white, like off-white and pearly white are also very popular.Yellow: Another popular color, yellow.

Yellow gives a bright and cheerful feeling to a room. It is a warm shade and is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Some popular shades of yellow, used in interior house paint colors, are pale yellow, bright sunshine and a warm shade that resembles a banana split. Combining sunshine yellow with white can brighten up any kitchen.Brown: Another popular color is light brown, which suits bigger rooms. Brown gives a subtle masculine feeling to the room. Shades of brown like chocolate brown and dark brown look good on the walls. A good color scheme using brown is painting the ceiling beige and the walls a chocolate brown.Blue: Painting the walls blue, gives a cool and tranquil feeling to the room. Blue is suitable for all rooms. It’s a common color used in several bedroom painting ideas as it makes the bedroom look peaceful. Some popular shades of blue in interior paint colors are soft grayish blues, lively turquoises and cool aqua. A good interior paint color scheme is medium dark blue with cream yellow.Red: Red is among the most popular interior paint colors for homes. Red radiates vibrancy. Pink, a shade of red gives a romantic feeling to a room. Pink is very popular in room painting ideas for girls. Red is mostly used to accentuate a part of the room. Some popular shades of red, are watermelon red and light pinks. Dark red shades like burgundy can be painted, but use a flat or matte finish on dark colors. Paint one wall red and others off-white for a great color scheme. You can also try a combination of burgundy red walls with white furnishing.Other colors like green and purple are not used as widely for interiors, but everything depends on an individual’s choice. A light green can give a fresh and outdoorsy feeling to your living room. Purple can give a feminine feeling and light purple is often opted for, when painting a girl’s room.For a DIY inexpensive texture paint on your wall, try sponge painting. Soak a sponge in wet paint and dab it on the entire wall. There are also rollers available in the market, which have different textures, which can be used to give different patterns to your walls.For kids room painting ideas, paint different animals or cartoons on the walls. Look for different colored drawings of jungle animals. Paint a base color like light blue, on the wall and paint the figures and caricatures you want, using paint brushes.Stencil art is very popular in interior painting ideas. A great kitchen painting idea with stencil art is to create many fruit stencil paintings on the walls. Another way to brighten up the interiors, is to paint one wall, off-white and then stencil a green flower plant on the wall. Paint the 3 remaining walls, a medium dark green color. For a delicate look, stencil the area below the ceiling on the walls with an intricate design. Always pick a color for stenciling, which stands out on the base wall. Stencils are easily available in many supermarkets and there is a huge variety from which one can choose.You can also go funky, and paint your walls with stripes. Cream yellow with dark pink or turquoise blue are some good combinations for striped walls. For a stunning and attractive look for your living room, paint one wall black with bright multi-colored splotches and the rest of the walls, gray.Rubber stamping is another fun and easy way to decorate your walls. There is a huge range of stamps available in the market. Decide on the design and color you want to stamp on your walls. After buying the rubber stamp, use a roller and practice rubber stamping on a white board. After enough practice, stamp on the walls to form an interesting border.Faux means fake and with faux painting on your walls, you can create an illusion of any surface on your wall, like marble, wood, brick, etc. In this painting technique, a base coat is painted and a mix of paint and glaze is used to paint the details of the faux surface. Painting popcorn ceiling or stucco texture gives an attractive look to the ceiling. Other ceiling painting tips are to make faux paintings on the ceilings to give a feeling of sky, a chandelier etc.There was a time when lead paints were the most commonly used paints for homes and buildings. In the late 70s, use of lead paint was stopped due to the hazardous effects of lead on the health of adults, children and pets. The lead paint can enter our body by breathing in its dust or by swallowing lead chips through food and water. As a result, the levels of lead in the blood can increase nificantly and cause lead poisoning. Preparation for Lead Paint RemovalBefore undertaking the paint removal task, it is better if you can shift all your furniture and furnishings like curtains and carpets. If removing them is not possible, cover them well with large pieces of plastic sheet. Cover the floor as well and seal it up with the help of tapes. You should secure the site in a manner such that the lead flakes and dust do not fall on the furniture. If the paint removal is to be done on the outer walls of your house, cover the garden and lawn properly with plastics and do not undertake the work of lead paint removal if there is too much of wind. Children and pregnant women should be kept away from the paint removal site. For your protection, wear safety gears like disposable overalls, gloves, safety goggles, and shoe covers. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working on lead paint removal. Procedure of Lead Paint RemovalThe first step is to take all possible measures to prevent the formation of lead dust and fumes. Therefore, the safest method of lead paint removal is with the help of chemical strippers as they do not cause dust or fumes. Use the paste variety of chemical strippers as they stick well to the molding and other uneven surfaces. The stripper should be applied with the help of a brush, but make sure you do not brush the surface too much as it can evaporate the essential components of the stripper and render it ineffective. Allow the strippers to settle, and you will find that the paint has softened, which will result in formation of bubbles. Then start removing the layers of paint using a broad putty knife. To remove paint from the molding, use brushes that have bristles made of brass. After having completed the first round of lead paint removal, if you find that certain parts still have layers of lead left behind, use some alkaline stripper to get rid of these layers of paint. Alkaline strippers are also available in the form of paste and are water-based. They do not produce any fumes and will ensure protection of your hands and eyes. Apply an alkaline stripper with brush and then keep it untouched for full 24 hours. Cover the surface with freezer paper and press the paper well over the surface to ensure that maximum possible air is eliminated. The next day, remove the paint layers along with the freezer paper with the help of narrow putty knife. Then wash off thoroughly with sponge and water and you can see that all the paint and stripper are gone. Finally, cleaning the surfaces from which you have removed lead paint, as well as the surrounding area, using mild detergent and water is a must after lead paint removal. As the final phase of lead paint removal, pack up all wastes and debris in plastic bags and seal them up and throw them into the dustbin. Remember, you should not burn these as the fumes that will be released, are toxic in nature. All the clothing and overalls that were used during the process should be separately and thoroughly washed using detergents. For most of us, our bedroom is the most favorite place in the world. It is the place where you can unwind yourself after a long day of hard work. Therefore, if you are bored with the color of the walls of your bedroom, it is time to paint the bedroom walls using some creative bedroom wall painting ideas that can spice up your spirits.Selecting the Right Color The color of the bedroom wall depends upon the kind of mood that you are looking for inside the bedroom. It should also be well-coordinated with the bedroom furniture, overall bedroom decoration and other accessories. Different colors set different moods for the bedroom. Various shades of blue and green are the most preferred colors for the bedroom. This is because they have a soothing effect on our mind. Another color that has a similar comforting impact on your mind is taupe. You can use a combination of taupe with black or dark, and make pinstripes on one of the walls to get a better effect.Orange color has its own vibrancy and it signifies a happy mood. It will be a good choice particularly for the kids’ bedroom. In this case, keep the color of your accessories either dark green or blue. The colors to be avoided on the bedroom walls are red, lime and black. Black makes the room look less spacious and gives a depressing mood. Whereas red color gives too much of excitement and restlessness which is not suitable for the bedroom. Yellow is also a good choice because of its warmth and brightness.Different Bedroom Paint IdeasWhen you are painting a bedroom wall it is not necessary that you have to use one single color. You can use your creative ideas and use different colors on different walls. You can choose different shades of the same color and use them on different walls. Some popular color combinations for the bedrooms are brown and blue, pink and aqua blue, lavender and lilac, white and blue, etc. If you use brown and blue together on the bedroom wall, it gives a spa like effect in your bedroom. The wall behind the bed gets maximum attention. So try to use a different color on this particular wall. If you are using soft shades of purple as your bedroom wall paint, then a yellow border near the ceiling can add a lot of dramatic effect.You can experiment with lots of bedroom wall painting ideas to make the accent wall in your bedroom look interesting. You can use some bold color that are not usually used in a bedroom. It can be red or poppy seed black or ivory moss green. You can opt for some faux painting finishes like venetian plaster or stone finish. Adding one or murals on the accent wall can make the atmosphere of the bedroom really lively. You can break the accent wall with the help of wood strips. Give a suitable background color to the accent wall and use trim color on the woods that suits the background.For interior painting of the walls of your kids’ bedroom, you should ask for his or her opinion. If you find that their choice is too dark to be used on the bedroom wall, then use a lighter shade of the same color to make them happy. You should use some designs or graphics on their bedroom walls to give a personalized touch. Boys of all ages love to see the pictures of their favorite sports gear like basketball, baseball bats, etc. They will also love to see their names painted on the walls. Even different geometric shapes look nice on the walls of their bedroom. For the girls room, paint a large butterfly or a large flower or a giant rainbow and they will surely like it and the room look bright too.Bedrooms are your personal spaces and by that virtue, an extension of your personality. Various bedroom painting designs help you in painting your bedroom, the way you want. You can customize your designs, try out some bold and innovative designs or use the ones that are already available in the catalog. Depending on who will be using the bedroom, you can decide what kind of bedroom painting designs will suit the room. Don’t hesitate to use bright and brilliant colors to paint your bedroom. Here are some bedroom painting ideas to help you kickstart your colorful spree!Bedroom Painting Ideas for Kids Expecting parents, families with a new born and families with kids, pay attention please. Kids love color! Having kids in the house can itself be an inspiration, to paint the room in a riot of colors. If you are the expecting parents and are in a dilemma whether to choose blue or pink, go in for pastel shades in your kid’s room painting ideas. Babies love such fresh colors, as it makes the environment very cheerful. You can try mellow yellow, fresh greens and light shades of red, in your baby’s room painting ideas. Families looking to revamp the room for their little ones, must involve the child too, while discussing the color schemes. Try out themes in the room, like ‘rocket launcher’, where you can paint the universe and the rocket on the walls. Another theme would be ‘kites’, wherein you can paint a picture of kite flying all over the wall. If it’s a girl’s room, then try something like fairies and barbies.Bedroom Painting Designs for TeenagersTeenagers do not like the the drama of pastel bedroom colors and designs, thinking that they are the themes for children. They like the use of bold colors, like fiery red, mystic maroon and sunset orange. There are a few themes, which you can use as teenage bedroom painting ideas. A lit up skyline or a sunset would look out of this world, as a teenage bedroom design! Let your children participate too, in deciding what the room should look like. Teenagers are not the ones with patience, so don’t add too much of furniture in the room, especially some that will require painting. Keep it as spacious as possible.Bedroom Painting Designs for Grown Ups Out of the teenage and rebellious phase, mellow is the theme that grown ups prefer. Paint the bedroom with one wall decked up in fine wine and the rest in snow white. This is mystical combination, which gets an aura of calmness into your room. The other combinations can be like, coffee brown with beige, black satin on one wall, with the others in pure white, etc. Always ask the person what color he/she would prefer, because seeing the favorite colors, soothes the mind by bringing it back on the track. Thus bedroom painting ideas are just not about aesthetics, but about personal balance too.Bedroom Painting Ideas for Couples A newly wed couple or a couple who’s celebrated a 50th anniversary, bedroom painting is a great way of reviving the romance. Let the enigma of maroon set in, or the sensuality of black and white bedroom designs, the blue of the ocean, the generosity of green and the brilliance of orange, splash on your walls to reinvigorate the lost feelings.Many home decorating and painting companies will give you existing models of bedroom painting designs. However, having your own idea will add warmth to your room. Painting the room has the power to transform the mood as well. Beautiful color combinations are known to lift moods and heal people. So why not have it at your own home. Indulge in rediscovering your bedroom secrets with paints and fall in love with your room all over again! Choosing bedroom paint colors? There are numerous options while you choose popular paint colors for bedrooms. While bedrooms are amongst those areas of your house where you spend maximum time, these are designed and decorated with proper planning. So picking a color for these is quite important and the choice of person using this room needs to be taken into consideration. Remember that colors make a huge difference in appearance of a space. Like a complete white room, might look dull but definitely looks huge and spacious. Similarly a complete black room can be too cozy and dark to stay in. So having the right balance and paint color combinations is much essential even while you pick the popular bedroom colors. But which are the most popular bedroom colors? Here’s the answer.Most Popular Bedroom Paint ColorsFor the Vibrant TouchSearch for popular bedroom wall colors and you are sure to get some hot shades to cover the walls. Vibrant wall paint colors like violet, purple, hot red, crimson, maroon, emerald blue, emerald green, bright orange and fresh yellow can create an energetic looking space. If you want to color your room in bright shades you can choose to have classic combos of red and ivory, yellow and orange, light green and yellow, gray and yellow ochre, maroon and gray. Remember that you can create a vibrant effect with such shades by using them just for 1-2 walls as well. You can simply use these for focal walls and pillar with a neutral shade and add vibrant furnishings matching paint colors to have a lively bedroom ready.Create a Cool AmbianceIf you love cool colors and want to pick one of the popular bedroom colors, go for the soft shades. Shades that give your rooms a cool appearance are the ones which you need to choose. Such shades include sage, ivory, light chocolate, wine, dark brown, which are amongst the most popular master bedroom colors as well. You can also opt for baby pink or light blue color. Especially while coloring a boy’s room, many go for the blue and the soft pinks are a staple for girls rooms. With lovely design patterns, you can make these colors look even more beautiful. Well, abstract prints for boys room and feminine prints for girls room can make the walls look ideal.Neutrals for AllFor those who don’t want the vibrant colors or calm colors, neutrals remain the best alternative. Neutral shades offer versatility than any other interior paint colors. While other popular paint colors are quite prominent and demand properly matching and complimenting room decor, neutrals are easier to work on. With neutral shades you can easily blend other colors present in the home decor. So colors like white and beige are amongst the most popular bedroom colors. You can also consider ocean blue, light yellow ocher, moonlight, tranquil green and other such shades.Choosing the right shades amongst the popular bedroom colors is a trick part of bedroom decoration project. A color that you can see in the shade card or in the paint vessel, can look much different on the walls. You can hence opt for the trial shades which many leading paint color brands offer today. With these you can have a perfect idea of how a particular color looks on the walls. Also remember, if you like a particular color, you can explore it lightest and darkest shade to find the best one for your bedroom. Believe me, picking paint colors is surely a fun-filled experience. So which color would you love to pick?