Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are the reservoirs of water that are used for the bathing, swimming and recreational purposes. They are of different types, shapes and sizes and are present at both the public and private sectors. They are constructed in different ways with different material. The idea of developing a swimming pool is not new rather the first swimming pool was built in Mohenjo Daro. The initiative was well liked by the Greeks who continued their form of construction. Further improvement was made the Europeans and the development has continued to date.
The swimming pools may be In ground pools or above ground pool. The above ground pools are handy and can be fixed at any location without much expertise and can be disassembled easily when needed. The In ground pools need proper place and construction but are durable and beautiful. Small play pools can be developed in houses that are shallow and are used by children. Many other constructions of the pools are available that include spools, and lap pools. Different varieties suit different people.
The various materials that is used in constructing a swimming pool are gunite, concrete and fiber optic. The above ground pools may even be made of the plastic or other unusual material. Private pools are of smaller size and lined by tiles to make them easy to clean. Above ground pools are usually preferred at home because of your handiness. Pools built from the inexpensive material like the poly vinyl chloride pipes are also available in the market.
Many people add accessories to their pools to give them more comfort and relaxation. These include pool furniture, bars and toys. These accessories are blown with the air to hold the weight and yet stay light so that they don’t settle to the bottom.

People set volley ball and basketball nets in their pools to play games and enjoy their summers. Many games are played in the water which include diving, hockey, volleyball and basketball. People all over the world enjoy and play these games.
Although the swimming pools are considered as recreational places, hot water swim baths have been used by many therapists all over the world. Hot water pools are important for relaxation and are used by massage centers and various other therapists. Hot water baths are considered as the good remedy for the pain and used as an effective way of pain relief by doctors in many parts of the world. Even the laboring women are advised to take under water bath to relieve their pain and anxiety. In the recent years the trend of giving birth to children under water has risen. Hot water baths are also recommended for people who have undergone a bowel operation. They increase the blood flow to the injured region causing good healing.
Keeping a swimming pool clean is the most important part of owning it. You need to check the quality of water and the its biological oxygen demand regularly. Also it is important to add disinfectants like chlorine and other chemicals to ward off bacteria and other living forms.