Porch Additions

Enclosing a porch can be a simple and cost effective method for room addition. While rear porches can be used for kitchen extension, side porches are suitable for addition of family room, home offices, etc. Before converting a porch into a room, one should be sure that it does not detract from the style of a home. For example, enclosing a porch of a bungalow might destroy the sought after charm of that bungalow.

Porch modification is a cumbersome process, which might be affected by the location of the porch, the flooring material used in it, the walls of existing foundation, etc. The process of room addition, by enclosing a porch, is as follows:

  • One has to initiate the process by insulating walls and ceilings as per the structure of the room.
  • The next step is to replace windows of the porch with energy efficient models. The style of the new window should be similar to existing windows in the home.
  • The next step is the installation of plumbing system. The cost and difficulty in installing an efficient plumbing system depends upon the proximity of the room from exiting plumbing in the home.
  • Installation of electrical wiring and fixture is the next step in home remodeling, by enclosing a porch. One should install electrical lines at all the necessary places in the porch to avoid costly revisions later.
  • Interior finishing of a room can be done by using drywall construction, millwork and exquisite flooring patterns.
  • The next step is to decide about heating and cooling of new space. In home remodeling projects, while some home can accommodate new space to an existing system for heating and cooling, others might require a supplement. Baseboard heating or wood burning stove are some options, which home owners can use, for heating a new space.

    The above-described steps are part of tedious process that often requires a professional. One can search for these professionals on the internet for remodeling services to make exquisite additions to their home.