Bathroom Remodel

A clean bathroom is like a pair of new shoes – you feel refreshed and energetic as soon as you step inside. But many bathrooms are in need of some tender love and care; over time, mildew, age, and styles that went out of fashion decades before can turn a perfectly nice bathroom into a visual pariah. Folks looking to sell their houses would be particularly wise to heed this articles advice, as few potential homebuyers are interested in water stains or dated tile! A bathroom remodel can be the perfect solution to this problem, and there are lots of ways to update a look without breaking the bank. Below are simple solutions to five common bathroom décor disasters.

1. Outdated Color Schemes

Orange shag carpeting and paisley prints went out decades ago, but the overripe avocado-colored tile in your bathroom has been hanging on long past its due date. For a quick (and wholly necessary) update, replace it with the elegance of granite or sandstone. If you’re not able to remove the tile, a fiberglass-backed façade can be cheaply and easily installed over the original tile.

2. Water Damage

Mildew and mold are quick to take advantage of the moist air inside a poorly vented bathroom. To fix this problem, venting and moisture issues must first be resolved. Kill mold spores with chlorine bleach or antifungal products, and then thoroughly prime the bathroom walls before painting or wallpapering over the stains for a fresh new look.

3. Space Without Style

A big, plain bathroom can feel smothering and impersonal, so dress it up with new colors and visual focal points! Frame mirrors with elegant wooden molding or a funky mosaic tile, in accord with the theme you’ve chosen for your bathroom remodeling project.

Big bathrooms can also be dressed up with bright paint colors like salmon and turquoise, which would easily overwhelm a smaller space.

4. Ugly Vinyl Flooring

For a cheap and creative bathroom remodel, paint old vinyl with colorful stencils or cover it with textured paper, and coat the results in polyurethane for protection and water resistance. Guests will be amazed by the new look!

5. Blank, Boring Walls

If patterned wallpapers and bright paints aren’t enough to dress up the canvas of your bathroom walls, consider adding extra creative flair with a mural or custom-painted wainscoting. Sky-blue walls dotted by idyllic clouds can make a bathroom feel like a true haven, and playful fish or under-the-sea themes are right in line with the watery reality!

Whatever your budget, there’s no reason not to transform your bathroom into a place that truly welcomes every person who steps inside.